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Chapter one : the Meta report

Okay, then – we have been kindly allowed to channel and report as follows :

According to the nature of the Rhyme, there is a Being who believes in Love. It is a State, a state of Being. You are part of it, we all are, a Hive mind.

Latest: A group of students discovered, that CorporaPolitics Inc. is by now both the sole-owner of the World, and bankrupt. The students were proptly hired, paid employee shares, and thus, bankrupt too.

A conspiracy theory, that the underlying reason behind most of humankinds troubles, is indeed a breed of semi-consious, parasitic behavioural patterns in our collective mind-set, living off our life-energy, and influencing our thoughts and behaviour in ways bountiful to them, but harmful and destructive to us, has been proven true.

And the weather : It´s there. Don´t worry. On Jupiter it rains Diamonds.